Our origins and values

It is 1972 when the Rispoli and Campanile families begin to build a dream. In the Vegetables Market of Verona, they open a business that sells canned preserves like tomatoes, canned fruit and cooked legumes. The event marks the beginning of La Conserviera.

Response from the market is immediately positive, with customers showing their appreciation for the selection of products. The Company fully develops in the 1980s: La Conserviera, now headed by the Rispoli family alone, extends its offer and thanks to its passion and experience, introduces "Le Specialità", in other words, typical Italian and foreign regional products, sun-dried fruit and legumes of every kind and origin.

The present

Today the challenge La Conserviera faces is to seek small producers who work the raw material chosen according to the specific requirements of the current market, such as: quality, uniqueness, sophistication, right price, etc.

The full range of products branded "La Conserviera" develops from this endeavour. The Company’s goal is to have the products included in the offer of specialised stores and outlets where the customer is used to purchasing a certain level of quality. La Conserviera preserves the authentic and most typical flavours the land has to offer, which together with their deliciousness, bring to the table all the taste of the traditions from which they originate. Demand, which has increased steadily and by far has exceeded expectations, has made the Company more and more aware over the years of the considerable opportunities for development offered by the market. It is for this reason that with determination and foresight, the owners of La Conserviera now seek to increase their know-how, in order to interact with the market and with consumers. This aim has led them to chose the efficient Food Centre of Veronamercato as the Company’s new headquarters.

A glance into the future

This change will allow the highly qualified service already offered by La Conserviera to further improve in terms of flexibility, availability, understanding of the unique needs of each customer, speed and 100% timely deliveries. The customer can collect the ordered products personally, or rely on the special freight forwarders that work every day within the facility, handling multiple deliveries, or have a loading dock with mobile platform at their disposal to facilitate loading and unloading of the ordered goods. All while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality.