Olive verdi denocciolate

Olive verdi denocciolate

After harvesting, the olives undergo a process called "Sivigliano". They are then left to ferment in brine for a few months. During this period in brine, the olives produce lactic acid, which causes the Ph to lower down to a value of 4-4.5. At the end of fermentation, the olives are pitted and then packaged.


Great stuffed to taste and served as an aperitif on skewers. Particularly suitable for preparing stuffed "Ascolane" olives. Excellent paired with lightly aromatic wines.

Technical specifications

  • Net weight: 300 g - 400g - 3,5 kg
  • No. of packages: 10 (300 g) - 10 (400 g) - 1 (3,5 kg)