Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds

Semi di zucca tostati salati 3kg

Semi di zucca tostati salati 3kg

Pumpkin seeds are traditionally used as a popular remedy for some disorders, such as inflammation of the prostate and against intestinal parasites. The essential active ingredients contained in sunflower seeds are cucurbitine, delta plant sterols, phytosterin, plant globulins, in addition to vitamins F and E, which have a protective and antioxidant action on the cell membranes, especially vitamin E combined with selenium. The daily presence of pumpkin seeds in your diet can be a good form of prevention or home treatment of some light disorders that can affect the urinary tract.
Pumpkin seeds are salted and roasted in their shells.


Great to munch on in front of the tv or served with an aperitif.

Technical specifications

  • Net weight: 3 kg