Noci di grenoble 400 gr

Noci di grenoble 400 gr

Originally from Persia, the nut was transplanted and grown in all Mediterranean countries and brought to California in the 18th century. They differ in quality and origin: Veneto, Grenoble, California, Chile, Argentina and France. The latter is one of the countries with the highest production. Used in a large number of recipes, this nut is rich in vitamins and minerals and is totally free of cholesterol. In addition to being good for the heart, nuts generally have a very low content of sugar, so that dietitians often recommend including walnuts in diets prescribed to patients with insulin deficiencies (diabetes). They are also rich in minerals and vitamins B, Omega-3, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and antioxidants, prevent arthritis and make the skin more beautiful.


Their main property, however, is given by arginine, an amino acid that makes them perfect for people who practice sports. Walnuts are heavily used to prepare all sorts of recipes: for pastries, sauces and condiments, or simply enjoyed at the end of a meal with a piece of bread. A favourite is serving these nuts along with gorgonzola cheese. Walnuts are also used to prepare an excellent liqueur: the "Nocino".

Technical specifications

  • Net weight: 400 g