Mandorle pelate 750 gr

Mandorle pelate 750 gr

Because of their countless properties, almonds are used not only in cooking but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Almonds are a valuable reserve of vitamin E and minerals, especially magnesium, iron and calcium.
Due to their high content of iron, they are a good remedy against anemia, while the calcium they contain makes them a good nutrient for healthy bones.
The white ones are blanched, and shelled and stripped of their typical peel.


Almonds are an ingredient widely used in traditional cuisine, to prepare both sweet and salty dishes. The most popular drink is almond milk, which is very energetic, as this fruit contains a significant percentage of protein and valuable vitamins.

Technical specifications

  • Net weight: 750 g - 3 kg
  • No. of packages: 10 (750 g)